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Wick and Sip

OneSpace Architects was approached by Wick and Sip, a successful candle-making company based in Richmond, who wanted to expand their business to Hampton Roads. The retail architectural design team at OneSpace Architects worked closely with Wick and Sip to create a chic modern space that would reflect the company’s fun and social brand.

The design of the space was focused on creating an environment where friends could come together to make candles while enjoying a drink. OneSpace Architects added various selfie walls throughout the space where customers could capture the good times they were having with their friends. The team also created a spacious design with multiple zones, including areas for selecting fragrances, workshops, lounges, and exploring pre-made candles.

One of the project’s key objectives was to create a space that would be great for networking and celebrating team successes. To achieve this, OneSpace Architects designed the space with an open concept, allowing for easy movement and interaction between different zones. This would encourage customers to explore the space and engage with each other, creating a vibrant and social atmosphere.

In addition to the social aspects of the space, OneSpace Architects also focused on functionality and practicality. The team worked closely with Wick and Sip to ensure that the design of the space would meet their operational needs, including storage and workspace for candle-making.

The end result was a beautiful and functional space that reflected the Wick and Sip brand and would be a great addition to the Hampton Roads community. Wick and Sip team, thank you for your trust in OneSpace Architects.

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