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Building Your Forever Home, Office, or Space

At OneSpace’s architectural firm, we bring a whole new experience to Hampton, Virginia. We create refreshing, professional designs that match your exact vision with a comprehensive planning process. With the right business or residential architecture in Hampton, VA, you spend less time dreaming—and more time making your ideas a reality.

Architectural Design Services

Need an architect? Our architectural designers in Hampton, VA, understand the need for comfortable, inviting, and beautiful spaces. With our residential and commercial design architect services, we can elevate your lifestyle with a space that matches your exact expectations. Discover our suite of services, which include architectural design, and 3D visualization, to achieve the upgrade your space craves.

commercial architectural services in Hampton

Residential: Whether you’re seeking a simple refresh or a full makeover with our construction architectural services, OneSpace’s residential design studio works to make your house a home. Our design process helps craft a space that mirrors your desired personality with the perfect layout, decorations, and colors.

Commercial: Looking for something that aligns with your business? Not only does OneSpace offer residential architect design services, but we also specialize in commercial architectural designs. Transform your corporate environment with practical, innovative, and attractive designs.

Areas of Expertise:

  • New Construction
  • Space Planning
  • Home Remodeling
  • Construction Documents
  • Permit Drawings
  • Commercial Architectural Design
Best Architectural Firm in Hampton

Your ideas matter. Our mission is to give you a personalized and exceptional experience for any space—big or small.

3d interior visualization services

OneSpace provides commercial and residential services in Hampton, VA, focusing on creating effective solutions to help envision perfect spaces. Our customer-centric service prioritizes your ideas and sees them as an opportunity to represent your company or home’s values in their truest light.

From maximalism to minimalism, our house designers deliver a refreshing balance between functionality, safety, and aesthetics. We are the experts in art and science: capturing peak structural look and feel with living spaces that blend sustainability and tastefulness—all while meeting building codes and your set budget.

3D Visualization Services

Hampton, Virginia—meet 3D visualization. Before designing your home, office, storefront, or restaurant, we can illustrate an accurate 3D architectural rendering showing a clear-cut image of your space. This illustration gives you a visual picture of everything, down to the little details. Before beginning the renovation process, we work together to tweak the residential or commercial 3D rendering to your liking. Our talented architects achieve interior and exterior 3D visualization easily and efficiently.