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Great Work Happens in Spaces that Inspire.

Commercial: We specialize in office, retail, and restaurant design. Whether you are a first-time business owner or professional entrepreneur, we will guide you through the process and help you make informed decisions. We provide unique, functional, and harmonious solutions for your complex business needs, allowing you to work in a space that inspires productivity.

Residential: We design homes for our clients to make lifetime memories. Your dream space is within reach with a little help from our team. Whether you are looking for a more industrial, modern, or playful vibe, we can help you achieve it.

Meet Jinal

A lifelong artist, Jinal Kothari is a passionate licensed architect with an eye for the natural beauty found in nature, science, and physics. Her deep sensitivity is reflected in her design approach. She understands that your space can have a profound impact on your mental and physical health; thus, she takes the time to create a well-balanced design. In the past 16 years working as an architect, she has acquired vast amounts of knowledge in commercial, residential, and restaurant design. She is an excellent team player. Architecture is her passion, and she loves nothing better than the “aha” moment when her clients see their vision transformed into reality.

Jinal Kothari, OneSpace Architect

Why OneSpace?

When you work with the OneSpace Team, you can rest assured that your desired vision will be actualized. We give you practical design solutions, and we truly understand your limitations around time and budget. We aim to delight our customers, and we work hard every day to ensure this outcome.We believe in less stress and more clarity.