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Financial Institution

OneSpace Architects was recently approached by a regionally and nationally recognized bank looking to design their new branch office. As the bank shifted towards a more community-focused brand, it wanted to create a new customer experience that reflected its values and commitment to customer service.

To achieve this vision, OneSpace Architects’ space design architects worked closely with the bank to design a space that not only reflected their brand but also provided a welcoming, collaborative environment for customers and employees alike. The focus was on creating a friendly customer service area, with a lounge-style waiting area designed to provide customers with a comfortable and relaxing experience.

OneSpace Architects incorporated the bank’s brand into the design, using a palette of colors and materials that reflected the bank’s values and commitment to the community. The use of natural light and open spaces helped to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere, while the integration of technology helped to enhance the customer experience.

OneSpace Architects is proud to have been a part of this project, helping the bank establish its brand and create a space that truly represents their values and commitment to the community. The resulting bank office design highlights the successful fusion of aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.

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